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Dog Housetraining Doorbell for Potty Training

Pet Geniuses Dog Doorbell is a high quality training aid to train for potty training and for housebreaking your pet.

Extra Load Bells, Free Potty Training Ebook Included

We Sent Out Our Dog Doorbell For Dog Owners To Test Them, And This Is What They Said...

"High quality, perfect level of loud!"

"Firstly, the seller is great and easy to work with! That aside, these doorbells are a wonderful product! It's obviously very well made and it will stand up to 1000s of pawings. I super appreciate the fact that it can snap onto the door handle if need be as that allows it to hang on virtually any kind of door handle.

These were a great purchase that I'd recommend to anyone wanting to train their dog to use bells."

by S. Williams

"Love these!"

"I didn't think that this would be as easy as it has been. I have two chihuahuas aged 11 years and 1 1/2 years. I began training by placing the bells on the door and when they were about to be let outside I rang the bell and said "outside" then proceeded to let them out. After a day I began to say "ring the bell" and realized that one or the other would push the bottom bell with their nose after a bit of time. I would say 'good boy' and then I would shake the bells loudly and say 'outside' and proceed to let them out. By the third day I when I would say "wanna go outside" they would run to the door and jump around (hey, they're chihuahuas, lol) and then as I walked closer they would nose at the bells to make the noise. I would say 'good boy' and let them out. Now, a week later they will ring the bells when I am near to let me know they want out. The bells aren't loud enough to make the sound travel up to the second level of the house so I have placed a second string on the upstairs railing and they ring that one to let me know to go out downstairs. The only issue I have had is that my cat has realized that I give attention to whoever rings the bells so now he rings them when he wants to be fed! I'm very, very happy with this purchase. They are durable and not unsightly at all."

by B.T.

Product Features

HOW DOES YOUR DOG TELL YOU THEY HAVE TO GO POTTY? ★ Every dog is unique in their own right, but all dogs have to go to the bathroom...and they can all be trained how to signal to you that they have to go--what better way than for them to politely tell you with the tug of this rope with bells that it is time for them to go outside?

EXTRA LOUD BELLS CAN BE HEAR THROUGHOUT YOUR HOME ★ Don't let your dogs have an accident because you couldn't hear the bells when they were ringing them, the PetGeniuses set of bells are the loudest available on the market today, with extra strong metal bells that ring loud and true every time!

BONUS HOUSE-BREAKING TRAINING GUIDE  Included with your purchase is our simple dog training guide that will teach you how to use this dog-doorbell system for training your dog how to change their habit of how they go to the bathroom, and to learn to inform you when they go so you can prevent accidents and don't have to deal with messy cleanups of pet urine or worse!

QUALITY MATERIALS FOR THE BELLS AND ROPE ★ Our PetGeniuses' bells and rope that the bells are attached to are made of the finest quality materials and made to last so that they are not only durable, but will look great too!

100% LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE ★ We stand behind all our products fully, and offer you a no-questions asked full money-back guarantee for the lifetime of the product!

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