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Two Pack of UltraSonic Dog Training Whistles


Pet Geniuses Dog Whistles is a high quality, adjustable frequency training aid. With time, you will learn how to use this device and raise a better behaved dog.


We Sent Out These Whistles For Dog Owners To Test Them, And This Is What They Said...

My dogs stopped bakring...

"My dogs never wanted to listen and always barked till I got these dog whistles. Now they know who's in charge and they listen when I blow these bad boys. Lol.

They know to come and stop. I am still working with them on other training but right now they are listening a lot better. Thank you, these are wonderful!"

by Camel

I've already trained my dog on 3 commands.

"Good pair of dog training whistles. I've already trained my dog on 3 commands. He'll do Sit, Lie Down, and UP. I just associated the commands with treats and he picked up on it right away. You could even train your kids to come when you whistle. Hahaha!"

by Chening K.

Product Features

HELP YOUR DOG OR OTHERS TO STOP BARKING - Distract your dog from their barking spree and distract them from whatever is causing the barking or other unwanted behavior ★ Dog whistles are a perfect training tool to teach keep quiet ★ Professional dog trainers agree it's still the most effective way of communicating with their dogs.

TWO-PACK OF WHISTLES SO YOU ALWAYS HAVE ONE HANDY - Why only get one dog whistle when you can get two for the price of one?

TRAIN YOUR DOG THE RIGHT WAY - Dog Whistles have been used over a 100 years, still the most effective tool for training ★ Use the dog whistle with changing orders ★ One long burst can mean

ULTRASONIC DOG WHISTLES ARE THE BEST DOG WHISTLES -  Emits frequency that your dog can hear from far distances to recall ★ Just adjust the pitch and blow the whistle to your dog ★ Wait until he is asleep and gently blow on the whistle ★ Continue to test the whistle until your dogs ears perk up, your dog whistle has a nut and screw that you can adjust and lock the frequency.

100% LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE -  You heard that right! ★ No questions asked, 100% lifetime, money-back guarantee on these dog whistles!

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